Manufacturing facilities

About Us


"Russian Linen" includes: a workshop for the production of long and short fibers and a cotonization workshop. In the first workshop, a long fiber is produced from linen trusts. To do this, the stiffened part of the stem is removed from it, and the fiber itself is almost not damaged.

In the cotonization shop, the fiber undergoes mechanical processing, so that it becomes similar in characteristics to cotton fiber. The process involves removing bonfires, shortening and splitting.


Agricultural machinery

Most of the agricultural machinery of used by «Russian Linen» for seeding, weed eradication, nutrient application is made in Russia. Although specified machinery «Russian Linen» uses for flax-pulling is made by leading world manufacturers - Depoortere  (Belgium), Dehondt (France).

The line named after G.K. Korolev

Flax straw processing equipment set up in the facility has been made in Russia, Ivanovo. Among the advantages of this equipment is maintainability and affordable supply service. In addition to this line there is a specified site, made by European manufacturers, which is used to increase manufacturing automation and the production effectiveness.

Line of cottonization Temafa + Ritter

The equipment for production of cottonized flax fibers is produced by two major manufacturers Temafa (Germany) and Ritter (Switzerland). It is modern automated sequential line for modifying of short fibers: eliminating flax hards and uptaking quality characteristics of cotton fibers (length and fineness).


We use the technology of mechanical modification of flax fibers: refining short fibers, so that they uptake quality characteristics of cottonized fibers.


We produce long flax fibers in accordance with classical technology

Turbine scutchers primarily separate long fibers, also over the scutching process flax hards and other subsequent components can be produced.


We produce short flax fibers in accordance with classical technology

Subsequent components from scutching are brought to the line of short flax fibers for additional mechanical conversion. As a result of this conversion short flax fibers and flax hards are produced. Further short flax fibers serve as the original material for cottonized fibers production.


We produce cottonized flax fibers in accordance with the technology of mechanical modification

Short fibers go under an additional mechanical modification with carding, tearing and refining machines. As a result short fibers have been refined into cottonized fibers with rate of flax hards between 0,5 – 0,8 %

Our peculiarities

  • We use only top-quality raw material

    We have our own flax-growing facilities and also work in a close cooperation with local flax-growing farms in Smolensk region, the region is well-known as historical flax growing motherland over the years.

  • We support a waste-free production

    Flax fibers production is a waste-free and primarily organic production. The end wastes are dust and flax hards, that we convert into fuel briquettes and natural soil fertilizers.

  • We use Russian raw material for the best quality

    We use local flax straw with the quality that we can be in and process it into short fibers. Our straw has high rate of short fibers product recovery, which is up to 19 %.

Quality control

All of our fibers go under strict quality control on each step of the production, that allows «Russian Linen» to tune all the production aspects and receive the finest fibers.


We control all the inward flax straw coming to our facilities

We weigh, measure amount of moisture, over laboratory tests measure an amount of sprits and fiber length in a caulis. The degree of ripeness and further conditions of the production process are to be defined by the color of caulis.


Careful control of processing operations

We carefully supervise all the processing operations with raw materials and the operational condition. It is a matter of peculiar importance? Dealing with raw materials, to adhere the technology strictly, otherwise it may have negative circumstances for quality of the end products.


We carefully test quality of cottonized fibers

We measure average fiber mass-length, and tensile strength. The mass-length measurements are based on the average length of the bunch of fibers with certain mass, to do these measurements we use functional device « МШУ-1». For tensile testing purpose we use functional device «Criterion 41».


We carefully test quality of long fibers

We measure strength and grab length of long fibers, compare fibers color with type standards in accordance with GOST national standard. grab length is measured with functional device «НП-2», fibers strength is measure with tensile-testing machine.