«Russian Linen» Company is an innovative manufacturing facility that aims revival of flax industry in Russia. In 2018 we laid the foundation and started contraction of the first flax manufacturing facility in Russia in the last three decades. The facility that can, in terms of equipment capability and production quality, with the leading European flax market competitors.

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Our Mission

We strive to revive flax industry traditions in Russia and to make this industry of a strategical importance again

We grow on the historical land

«Russian Linen» manufacturing facility is situated in the Smolenk region, formerly known as the historical with more than 25% of flax cultivated land in Russia. One of the most important factors for flax industry is close raw material resources base. In spite of temporary recession, now we can see the apparent signs of prospective development. According to official statistics flax fibers production over the last 6 years has grown up 4.5 times.

Official statistics

We work in close cooperation with farmers

We support proactive business programs with local farmers and offer complex bilateral cooperation. This cooperation is to organize top-quality service for business development, production distribution, implement best agricultural practice together.

Implement top-quality production standards

New modern approach aims to overbear technological inferiority of the local market competitors. All the facility equipment in «Russian Linen» has European quality, it will help us to provide our customers with top-quality flax fibers.