Corporate Responsibility

About us
Every year, more and more people in the world think about their health and quality of life. We want to wear clothes made from natural fabrics, eat food without chemical additives, we try to take care of the environment and ecology. There is also a growing demand for flax as one of a fundamental plant-growing in the textile and consumer goods manufacturing.

«Russian Linen» Company is the first greenfield flax manufacturing project to be constructed in Russia in the last three decades.

Our task is not only to create a modern business, but also to revive the culture of flax growing and the culture of consumption of products from flax. We master the latest technologies and methods to implement them in the processing of flax fibers, widen the range to offer our customers a high-quality natural product that can improve the quality of life.

Our main purpose - production of flax fibers - is rightfully considered one of the most environmentally friendly among similar industries. Even in the most complex technological operations, we use a minimum of chemical additives, and the products we receive, and all the by-products are biodegradable.

Doing our business, we accommodate the interest of all stakeholders:

  • our clients and partners
  • farmers
  • our employees
  • representatives of local societies and authorities

Dealing with our customers and partners, we maintain an open cooperation based on:

  • trust
  • mutual respect
  • worldwide recognized standards of business ethics
  • exchange of experience and development ideas

«Russian Linen» invests in strengthening of the agricultural communities.

We provide farmers with a reliable informational platform for working with flax: we offer the technological tools necessary to achieve an outstanding result and increase productivity. We support farmers at all stages of flax cultivation and adapt their technological operations to world quality requirements.

Our mainstay is highly qualified agricultural professionals, for whom growing flax is not just a job, but in some respect a lifetime project.

Comfortable and safe working conditions, modern manufacturing facilities, the latest up to date technological base, professional development and motivation programs – all of this would allow manufacturing professionals to achieve high results that are significant for everyone and the company as a whole. We focus special attention to the needs of our employees and their families.

Responsible approach in business and social activities of the company are aimed at protecting the environment, developing sports, reviving the culture of flax growing, improving well-being and the quality of life of the local population in the regions of presence.

The Revival of flax growing industry in Russia is the strategically important task, which can be achieved only by combining the efforts of various representatives of society and the state.

We are sure that meaningful cooperation and a dialogue with federal and regional authorities will lead to tangible result in flax growing industry in Russia, the country that occupied number 1 position in a world flax market in 20th century.